About LoneStar Home Watch

Rebecca & Scott Nietert

LoneStar Home Watch was founded by Scott and Rebecca Nietert, who have had an extensive professional career spanning over 30 years across various locations in the United States. Throughout the years, they have owned homes in Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado, giving them firsthand experience with the challenges of long-distance home ownership.

Having gone through the challenges of maintaining multiple homes, Scott and Rebecca understand the difficulties homeowners face when they are unable to take care of their properties due to time constraints or distance. Drawing on their skills and experience, they are enthusiastic about providing Home Watch services to the North Texas metroplex

Scott’s career has taken him around the world, living in different places such as Oslo, Norway during his teenage years and Osan, Korea during his time in the Air Force. He graduated from Plano Senior High School and obtained his degree from the University of Texas at Dallas. After his military service, Scott worked as a Chief Financial Officer for large automotive organizations, overseeing up to 28 stores across 5 states. He has worked with both small privately held dealerships and large public groups. Scott believes in prioritizing the customer and treating them as if they were part of his own family in order to achieve success in business.

Rebecca, originally from Chicago, has extensive experience in various retail sectors. She has worked in the hospitality and travel industry, specifically in trade shows and conventions. Rebecca also served as an analyst for Hewlett Packard, specializing in their proprietary software system. Eventually, she transitioned into the field of real estate. In this role, Rebecca efficiently managed schedules for listed homes, coordinated buyers and sellers, and facilitated connections with subcontractors, plumbers, painters, mortgage professionals, and other relevant parties to successfully close transactions. Known for her exceptional multitasking abilities, Rebecca consistently delivers excellent customer service. Before the 2008 financial crisis, she owned and operated her brokerage firm in Denver, Colorado, where she resided with her family. Fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams, Rebecca authored and published two fictional novels. She went on to establish two prominent writing networks, Lone Star Writing Club, which gained national recognition, and Bayou Writers Club based in New Orleans. Today after a hard day at work, Rebecca spends her free time with her two Brittney pups, Remi and Dakota. 

Scott and Rebecca are parents to a total of five children, two of whom are their own, while the other three are from Scott’s sister and brother-in-law who sadly passed away from cancer at an early age. Scott enjoys various hobbies such as being a private pilot, skiing, hunting, fly fishing, and competing in shooting competitions. Meanwhile, Rebecca, who considers herself a skilled fisherman, also loves skiing, traveling, and spending time outdoors.